Repair at Auckland Harbour Bridge
Client: Auckland Council
Location: Auckland City, Harbour Bridge

At ISSA Engineering, we relish the opportunity to tackle projects of monumental significance, and our endeavor at the emblematic Auckland Harbour Bridge was a testament to our unwavering commitment to the city’s infrastructure.

Our critical mission began when Auckland was struck by an unexpected accident, resulting in a damaged strut on the iconic bridge. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, ISSA Engineering sprang into action, delivering a remarkable feat of temporary steelwork to swiftly restore the vital artery of the city.

The challenge at hand required a combination of precision engineering and rapid response. It involved meticulously cutting the damaged strut midway, skillfully installing a new section of steel, and securely bolting it to the bridge’s foundation. The replacement steel was ingeniously designed as a circular hollow member that bifurcated into two plates at the top. These plates seamlessly enveloped the remaining strut section and were expertly fastened together.

Our partner in this mission, Vulcan Steel, played a crucial role in swiftly fabricating the required plates for ISSA. With unyielding dedication, they cut the plates on a Saturday, and the necessary pipe, sourced from Pipes NZ in Taranaki, reached our workshop promptly on Sunday. ISSA Engineering’s team commenced work on Monday morning, embarking on double shifts to ensure the completion of fabrication work by Tuesday night. The finished steelwork was then efficiently loaded onto a waiting truck, ready for deployment.

The transportation of the temporary replacement strut to the Auckland Harbour Bridge was executed with precision, accompanied by a police escort. Under the capable supervision of Auckland System Management’s contract riggers, the lower half of the damaged 22.7-meter strut was seamlessly replaced with the new section of structural steel. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to ISSA Engineering’s dedication to restoring and maintaining the city’s essential infrastructure.

This project was selected as one of the finalists of the Excellence in Steel Construction Projects under $500,000

We take pride in our contribution to keeping Auckland moving forward and look forward to more opportunities to serve our city with the highest standards of engineering excellence.