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Quality Assurance

HERA member

We are an active member of the Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA).
Being a member of HERA provides ISSA Engineering with access to industry expertise, research, collaboration opportunities, industry standards, market recognition, training, and advocacy. Being a part of HERA means staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

SFC Certificate Category 2

The Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) scheme ensures certified New Zealand fabricators manufacture structural steelwork according to international best practices.
This is a Quality Control system with strict adherence to the AS/NZS 1554.1 2014 welding standard & the AS/NZS 5131 Fabrication & erection standard.

We proudly possess SFC Category 2 Certification 
As SFC-certified fabricators, we can demonstrate that we have the appropriate quality management systems in place to control the critical fabrication processes.

Health & Safety

Site Safe is a New Zealand-based organization that focuses on improving health and safety in the construction and engineering industries. Becoming a member of Site Safe can offer several benefits to an engineering company such as Improved safety Culture, Compliance with Regulations, and Reduced Incidents by implementing Site Safe’s safety recommendations and best practices

ISSA Engineering is Site Wise certified, achieving the Green standard, which demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of health and safety in all our operations. This certification signifies reduced risk, compliance with regulations, and a dedication to quality work. With ISSA Engineering, clients can expect fewer safety-related delays, cost savings, and peace of mind, knowing that our safety-conscious approach aligns with their project goals. Our positive reputation and access to comprehensive safety documentation further solidify our position as a trusted partner for successful project outcomes.

Certified Welding Procedures

Our Welding Procedures for Structural Steel are certified under AS/NZS 1554.1:2014 (FCAW / GMAW / MMAW).

Our welders are certified under AS/NZS ISO 9606.1:2017.

Our Senior Welding Inspector holds CSWIP 3.2.1 Certification.

About ISSA Engineering

Established in 1972, ISSA Engineering has been a cornerstone of excellence in the engineering industry for over five decades. Our journey began with a vision to craft the future through steel and metal fabrication, welding, machinery installation, and maintenance.

From the very beginning, we've been committed to delivering unparalleled quality and precision in every project we undertake. Our dedication to adhering to the highest industry standards, including AS/NZS 1554.1 2014 welding and AS/NZS 5131 Fabrication & Erection standards, has set us apart as a trusted partner in engineering solutions.

Over the years, ISSA Engineering has played a pivotal role in shaping industries, turning blueprints into reality, and forging lasting partnerships. Our team's expertise has allowed us to consistently exceed expectations.

Today, as we look back on our remarkable journey, we continue to embrace new challenges, explore cutting-edge technologies, and expand our capabilities. ISSA Engineering remains dedicated to the principles of quality, integrity, and unwavering commitment to our clients' success.

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