Motorway Stormwater Culvert Grilles
Client: Auckland Systems Maintenance
Location: Auckland Region

At ISSA Engineering, our commitment to long-term relationships and unwavering expertise in fabrication and installation shines brightly in the stormwater grille project we undertook. Partnering with Auckland Systems Maintenance, we showcased our prowess in the field.

Stormwater grille installation is no ordinary feat, and our team’s dedication is evident as they take on the formidable challenges presented by remote locations, muddy terrain, and rough environments year-round to ensure that Auckland’s stormwater management is in top shape.

Our valued client for this project, Auckland Systems Maintenance, placed their trust in our capabilities, recognizing the importance of our collaborative efforts. With precision engineering and a dedicated team, we delivered impeccable solutions in the fabrication and installation of stormwater grilles.

This project serves as a testament to our commitment to Auckland’s infrastructure and the quality of our work, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable partner in tackling challenging projects. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Auckland Systems Maintenance and expanding our footprint in Auckland’s stormwater management landscape.