New Scrap/Offcut Baler Building
Client: Oji Fibre Solutions
Location: Mangere

At ISSA Engineering, our commitment to our clients goes beyond the ordinary. Oji Fibre, a long-standing partner, has entrusted us with their industrial maintenance services for years. Our latest venture, the construction of the new Baler Building, is a testament to the enduring relationship and trust we’ve cultivated.

From inception to completion, we were intimately involved in every step of the process. Our journey began with participation in the design and planning phases, extending to detailed drawings, steel procurement, fabrication, painting, and installation. We left no stone unturned in ensuring the project’s success.

One of the standout challenges we encountered was the design and installation of the imposing long columns that form the backbone of the Baler Building. With our expertise and unwavering dedication, we not only faced this challenge head-on but also emerged victorious.

Our work encompassed every facet of the project, from the meticulous detailing of drawings to the procurement of steel, expert fabrication, and precise welding. We maintained stringent inspection and quality control standards to guarantee a flawless end result. In total, we handled a tonnage of steel reaching an impressive 32 tons.

The culmination of our efforts took place on-site, where our skilled team executed the flawless installation of the structural elements. This was the moment when our vision and hard work materialized into a tangible asset for Oji Fibre.

This project exemplifies the essence of our enduring partnership with Oji Fibre, reinforcing our dedication to providing exceptional industrial maintenance services. As we continue to empower progress together, ISSA Engineering remains committed to delivering excellence in every endeavor.